/ Aspherical Mirrors

  • Oxygen Free Copper (OFHC - Cu)
  • Aluminum (6061 & 6082 Preferred Grade)
  • Brass
  • Plastics (PMMA)
  • Crystalline Materials
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Water Cooling Available
Figuring Accuracies:
  • 0.5 µm over 100 mm (Approximate)
Maximum Dimensions:
  • On-Axis Ø800mm
  • Custom Dimensions Available
Surface Roughness:
  • Ra 2 - 15 nm (Dependent on material used)

Parabolic or Aspheric Mirrors are used for beam focusing of all laser power classes and are typically used as the last mirror in the beam guidance system of a laser cutting or welding application. The higher the surface quality and shape accuracy, the better the beam quality reaching the workpiece.

These mirrors are available with or without direct water-cooling and typically have a tough molybdenum coating, or other high quality protective or reflective coating.